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How to extend tyre life

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Regrooving of tyres

Cost efficiency, reliability and high ROI are the main requirements of professional carriers. Regrooving can increase tyre life. Regrooving of truck tyres is often allowed by national legislation and is recommended to improve safety and mileage. Tyres suitable for regrooving are marked by the letter U or by the word “Regroovable”. Regrooving should be carried out by tyre centers or truck tyre fitting shops, that have truck tyre regrooving schemes recommended by manufacturers, high quality equipment and a specialist able to define the depth of regrooving, choice of the width and the form of blades.

Regrooving increases tyre life significantly (by 20 – 30 per cent depending on the conditions of use) and reduces fuel consumption, as tyres after regrooving have the lowest tyre rolling resistance possible. Regrooving can be done only when residual tread height is at least 2-3 mm. This rule allows reproducing the tread pattern and preserving the minimal thickness of the rubber layer (2 mm) between the tread pattern base and layers in breaker zone.

The depth of regrooving is an observed value in most cases. It is recommended to measure the depth of tread in the most worn out spots to assess the thickness of the rubber layer over the breaker layer.

In many countries, installation of regrooved tyres on the front axles of trucks and front and middle axles of urban and tourist buses and trolleybuses is not allowed.